Whether it's your work holiday party, family tree-decorating dinner, or your college roommate's annual New Year's bash, introducing your new guy to your family and friends during the holiday season can be extremely stressful for everyone involved ... especially your boyfriend!

But if you follow these tips you can throw your guy into the holiday mix and ensure that everyone has a good time, and he won't dread your next family function.

  • Don't ditch him: It's easy to get distracted by a friend or family member you haven't seen in a while, but it's important to remember that your guy doesn't know anyone but you. It's your responsibility to introduce your plus one and ensure that he is having a good time. If you want him to go to another event with you it's important to be mindful of his comfort. If you have to leave him, make it brief and be sure to check in frequently.
  • If you take a trip down memory lane, include your guy: You have to remember that your boyfriend doesn't know all your childhood stories and family jokes or your crazy college antics. If someone is ribbing you or you are talking about old times, clue him in on the story and open the door for him to tell a story from his past so everyone can get to know him and he can feel included.
  • Don't fight: Don't have a disagreement in public. This will not only embarrass him, but make other guests feel uncomfortable!
  • Don't force him to go: Just because you really want him with you does not mean if you force or guilt him into going with you it will be a blast. Chances are, if he feels like he was roped into an event he didn't want to go to, things will end badly. If the relationship is still new, give him time to be ready to meet the family. If it's been a while, you might want to consider whether or not he wants to be that serious with you.
  • Don't change him: If he isn't the kind of guy to dress in an Armani suit, don't force him to dress or act or look a particular way so you can fit in or show off. Give him a general guideline for how he should dress, but don't try to change your guy – he won't like that and he will be uncomfortable, which is a terrible way to go to a holiday gathering! (MSN)

Just Asking ... Are you bringing a new guy home for the holidays this year? Are you nervous? How about your guy?