HOLIDAYS: What Your Christmas Tree Says About You

Everybody is different and everybody has their own unique style – even with their Christmas trees.

Here are some things your Christmas tree says about you:

  • White lights − You ask houseguests to remove their shoes.
  • Multi-colored lights − You're an extrovert.
  • Blinking Lights − You have attention deficit disorder.
  • Homemade ornaments – You have lots of children.
  • Strung Popcorn − You have too much time on your hands.
  • Red balls only − You wish you lived in a department store.
  • Cutoff top − You didn't measure the tree.
  • Vague evergreen smell − You bought a healthy tree.
  • Strong evergreen smell − You sprayed your tree with Pine-Sol.
  • Just plain smelly − There's a dead bird in your tree. (Reader's Digest)
Chris Carmichael

Hi, I'm Chris. I love spending time with my church family, dining out, catching a good action flick, working on my ancestry charts and watching way too much TV! I'm from WV -- but have also lived in OH, MD, and now here. I know enough trivia to be annoying but not enough to win on Jeopardy! Let me know what's going on in your world.



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