SUCCESS STRATEGIES: Words to Remove from Your Vocabulary

Like it or not, the words you use shape the way your life unfolds.

For example, pessimists use certain words – and optimists use different words.

And, the outcomes of the lives of these two groups are usually very different.

If you want to maximize your success and happiness, here are some words to remove from your vocabulary:

  • Can’t – You can do anything you choose to do and are willing to fight for. If you use this word, you are shutting your brain down and not allowing it to find solutions to your problems.
  • Never – Who knows how you’re going to develop and grow in the future? Allow it to happen without limits.
  • Hate – Having likes and dislikes is perfectly healthy and normal. “Hating” takes things to a whole new ugly level.
  • Try – This word sets you up for failure. Commit to achieving and watch how quickly and easily you stack victories. (EliteDaily)


Just asking:

Other than swear words, are there any words you don’t let your kids say? Why?

Chris Carmichael

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