Nelly Reveals How Much Weight He's Lost While On 'Dancing With The Stars'

While dancing up a storm on this season's Dancing With The Stars, Nelly revealed that he has shed some weight in the process.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Nelly says that he's "probably lost a good maybe 10, 11 pounds." He added, "It was a little different when I was in St. Louis because the gyms are open in St. Louis, so I get a chance to go to the gym. I don’t really get a chance to go to the gym here [in Los Angeles], so I’m doing a lot of home sit-ups and push-ups, things like that."

And, of course, all of the choreography and lifting his partner Daniella Karagach, during rehearsals and the actual show, has also contributed to the weight loss. He explained, "You’re twisting and you’re turning and you’re hurting in new places that you never thought but it’s cool. It’s a lot of cardio!"

Nelly has been doing well on Dancing with the Stars., and credits Daniella for being encouraging and an "inspiration." He previously explained to Entertainment Tonight, "I think the first day I was like, 'What the hell am I doing?' It was definitely one of those [days], but the more and more I've gotten into it, my partner — my inspiration, my coach — is very good. I think to put up with me in a certain situation of, 'Are you sure? I don't know if we're going to get this step,' that's me. She's just nailing it home, like, 'Yo, you can do this.'"

He added, "She's given me so much encouragement, so I'm feeling a little bit more comfortable than I was on the first day."

And over on Instagram Nelly shouted out his partner by saying, "S/O to the best coach and partner in world .. she got ya boy right .. plus all the pain she has takin from me stepping on her in rehearsals .. lol."

Photos: Getty Images

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