Woman Responsible For Gender Reveal Parties Wants Them To Go Away

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The woman responsible for popularizing gender reveal parties now wants them to come to an end.

According to Fox 9:

Jenna Karvunidis threw a gender reveal party in 2008 for her first child. She posted about it on her blog, and then her story was picked up by a magazine.
"I had lost a few pregnancies so for me to get to this point in my pregnancy where we could know if it was a boy or girl, it was celebrating a milestone," said Karvunidis.
Over the years, the parties have become more common, and in some cases, the parties became dangerous and deadly. In 2008, a gender reveal party sparked a wildfire in Arizona.
"The first time this happened [Arizona], everyone was really shocked like wow a gender reveal party has gone wrong, and I cried. I was very sad, and now we don't have that excuse of not knowing anymore. We know what the dangers are so don't do this, especially during this heat advisory," said Karvunidis.
Karvunidis said she did not foresee the "dangers."

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