Couple Shamed for Blocking Middle Seat to Find "Cool Person" to Sit With

A couple is taking some heat for a stunt they pulled on a recent Southwest flight.

They blocked the middle seat and then posted an Instagram video of their attempt to "interview" passengers in order to choose a "cool person" to sit in the row with them.

While the couple seemed to be amused by their antics, other passengers - and the internet - were not.

"The fact that people do stuff like this doesn't surprise me. The fact that people are not ashamed, but advertise that they do this is what floors me," one person commented.

"If I were flying solo, and there was an empty space up front, I'd take it whether you wanted me to or not. You paid for two seats. You have no right over any of the other seats," said another.

Another added, "If I knew what they were doing, I would have jumped right into the middle seat and fake snored all the way."

After receiving this barrage of negative comments, the man made his Instagram account private.

A link to his company's public Instagram account is still visible at the top of his personal profile, so now the negative commenters are going after him on his business profile.

Source: New York Post

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