Britney Spears Sparks Mental Health Concerns Posting Dance Video [VIDEO]

Britney Spears has sparked major concerns amongst her fans after posting a bizarre new video, where the pop star claims she is on a 'candy diet' -- which is responsible for her new thinner look.

The pop princess dropped the new video on Instagram, which includes her standard dance workouts, where she breaks it down in the entryway of her home.

"The video posted before this one was shot just over two weeks ago !!!! This one was shot today and check out my ass 馃檴馃檴馃檴 ... it鈥檚 gotten smaller ... it鈥檚 called the candy 馃嵀 diet 馃槼馃槵馃槀 !!!!" Britney captioned the video.

Almost immediately, fans started commenting on their concern over the bizarre video and caption and questioned the pop star if she was ok or needed any help.

Anyone else worried about her?" a fan wrote.

Another added, "This isn鈥檛 even how she used to dance y鈥檃ll got her so medicated and traumatized. Again she鈥檚 smiling an has the thousand-yard stare."

"This is just getting sadder and sadder... She looks totally torn and lost 馃槗馃槱," a concerned fan posted.

Photo: Getty Images

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