Dana's Easter Weekend in 5 pictures

I hope your Easter weekend was filled with LOVE and chocolate Easter bunnies ... my husband did not see the "LOVE" in this mural in EADO!聽

Yes, there is a real castle in the Hill Country! We celebrated Milo's 4th birthday there on Saturday, and it was so much fun! If you want to go, stop by Newman's Bakery in Bellville for the top secret directions!聽

I was waiting for Rapunzel to let down her long hair, but all I saw were my kids! I'm wondering if I'm hanging on to some kind of torture contraption!聽馃槼

After jousting at the castle, I drove my mom, daughter and granddaughter to visit a big fan of the show, Meena, at her jewelry shop on Hillcroft!聽We ate eggless chocolate cake, drank yummy Indian chia tea and looked at beautiful diamonds we could only dream about!聽What a fun day!聽

What a perfect Easter name for this little gem: Say hi to Reese! That little face brings so much JOY!

I work hard all week, and then I get to give her hugs all weekend!聽

Oh, and this week while YOU'RE working hard, we'll tell you how you can win $1,000. Maybe聽a down payment on a castle?聽

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