My Weekend in Five Pictures - Dana Tyson

I miss this man so much. He was our Talent Coach and died a week ago. Tony Banks taught me to love because he was loved.

This is the best mom - Martina and her son Christopher. He is a Marine veteran with a rare form of cancer. What a delightful afternoon with these 2 funny, inspiring people! Martina designed and built her home to look like a gorgeous Sante Fe, New Mexico home! When he was a little boy, Christopher had to plant a tree on their 12 acres every time he misbehaved! Today they look at ALL THOSE TREES and smile! :)

Cross Country happened too! This young lady is the epitome of perseverence...from last to 15th to 4th place!

I tried to make the hole in the bread with a wine glass. Yup next time I'll us e the biscuit cutter! My daughter's farm fresh eggs were amazing so that made up for how it looked!

Ok this happened on Monday but I had to share!! That is the perfect gift to make you smile after loss! I hope your week is amazing and if you are dealing with loss, please know you are no alone. Love Dana

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