Must Read: HOW Many Germs are at the movies??

Next time you go to the movies, here’s something to think about as you get settled in before the film starts - your seat is most likely covered in bacteria. Thousands of bacteria colonies, in fact, according to a new study. And before you set your drink down, you should know those cup holders are harboring bacteria, too.

Online casino Betway’s research reveals some revolting findings:

  • Swab tests of movie theater seats show an average of 1,864 colonies of bacteria. That’s 14 times more than the 135 colonies typically found on toilet seats.
  • Of course, some seats are nastier than others, with the cleanest harboring just 80 colonies of bacteria and the filthiest having up to 3-thousand.
  • But it’s not just the seats that could use a cleaning, it’s the cup holders, too. They contain an average of 2,396 bacteria colonies, 18 times more than what’s found on a standard toilet seat.
  • Adding to the grossness? Some cup holders also had mold in them.
  • The study also identifies the specific types of bacteria that are most likely to be found in cinema seats:
    • Staphylococcus spp/Micrococcus spp - This bacteria is commonly found on human skin and is a normal part of microbial flora.
    • Bacillus spp - This type is typically found in soil and water and can live on human skin. It’s usually harmless, but can contaminate food and lead to food poisoning.
    • Pseudomonas spp - Found in water, soil and produce, this bacteria is commonly spread in a medical setting.

So, what can we do to deal with this bacteria from the movie theater? Experts recommend washing your hands as soon as you get home, changing your clothes to avoid transferring bacteria to furniture at home and regularly sanitizing items like phones and bags.

Source: Study Finds

Photo: Getty Images

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