Finding Happiness in the Little Things

We’ve all heard how important staying hydrated is to our health and wellbeing, but new research suggests it may help us stay positive, too. A new poll looks at how Americans handle hydration and it finds a strong association between happiness and hydration.

According to the survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults:

  • People find happiness in the little things about eight times a day, or nearly 60 times a week.
  • To give themselves something to smile about and boost their mood throughout the day, Americans make an effort to stay hydrated (36%), eat enough so they don’t get “hangry” (31%), take walks (30%), soak up some sunlight (26%), take power naps (22%) and workout (17%).
  • For 20%, starting the day right means grabbing a glass of water as soon as they wake up.
  • Overall, 37% of respondents drink between four and six glasses of water a day, while 36% only drink between one and three.
  • For 80% of those who drink the most water (10+ glasses a day), it’s very important to find happiness in the little things, while only 48% of those who drink less than a glass of water daily say the same.
  • Nearly half (46%) of the group who drinks the most water says they’re very happy, compared to only 22% of those who drink the least water.
  • Close to three-quarters (71%) who drink seven or more glasses of water a day identify as a “glass half full” type of person, while only 38% of those who drink less than a glass a day say they are.
  • Not drinking enough water leads to people feeling low energy (35%), headaches (29%), and muscle cramps (23%), as well as emotional side effects, including low mood (39%), irritability (34%), frustration (28%) and anxiety (27%).

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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