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Jeffrey T. Mason

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41 Insults

Episode 1440 - William Shatner

William Shatner has lived long and continues to prosper. At 92 years old, he has dozens of projects in the works, including the Fox reality show Stars on Mars, a new watch he designed, two documentaries, and his annual charity horse show. But he’s also able to look back with clarity and appreciation on an acting career that started at age six and all the amazing paths his life has taken since. Bill and Marc talk about Canada, Broadway, the Golden Age of Television, Star Trek, and the profound experience Bill had when he traveled to outer space.

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Jason Sudeikis

Dunking ability, favorite SNL sketches, and Ted Lasso with Jason Sudeikis. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Lost Hans and Franz Movie Episode 3

Hans and Franz must race to solve the girlynappings before it’s too late in the third part of The Lost Hans and Franz Movie. Plus, Conan and the cast discuss how they planned to snag the long list of guest stars intended for the film.

“Depeche Mode”

We speak & spell with Dave Gahan and Martin Gore of [the French fashion magazine] Depeche Mode. Truly, we just can’t get enough from these gents— from soccer fights and removing clutter, to The Berlin Wall… and “life to prolong,” you might as well just smash a bug on your forehead. Enjoy the Silence; Enjoy the SmartLess.

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The World Series Defense

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Sebastian Maniscalco

Comedian and actor Sebastian Maniscalco feels honored about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.


Sebastian sits down with Conan to talk about the terror of reading to children, the hardest venues in which to perform comedy, and casting Robert De Niro as his dad in his new film About My Father. Plus, Conan shares the story of getting gerbil’d in public for the first time.

Episode 1439 - Vir Das

Vir Das doesn’t worry about fitting in. He was born in India, grew up in Nigeria, went to school in America, lived and worked in Europe, and now lives back in his country of origin. Vir talks with Marc about wanting his comedy and acting to appeal to a global community, a goal that was met with some resistance in 2021 when he performed a monologue called “Two Indias” in Washington, DC. They talk about the fallout from that performance, the right wing push in India, and Vir’s experience in Bollywood films.

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Billy Corgan | Club Random with Bill Maher

Bill Maher and Billy Corgan on rock-n-roll urban legends, the very bad thing that happened to the singer of Three Dog Night, how every band has a Connie, why Billy doesn’t behave like a typical rock star, Billy’s dad’s unorthodox career, Billy’s Bob Denver story, and what motivates Elon Musk (it’s not money).

He’s Just Quite Ill

Conan talks to Eugenia in Córdoba, Argentina about learning English from television and living a loner’s lifestyle in a mountain town.